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Open Source Data Overview

Open data is data that is accessible, exploitable, editable, and shared by anyone for any purpose, even commercially. Open data is licensed under an open license. This means you're able to re-use another creator's work as you wish.

Through the use of open-source data we are able to get access to government records including crime and policing data where we are able to draw more insights.

One of the most important forms of open data is open government data (OGD), which is a form of open data created by ruling government institutions. Open government data's importance is born from it being a part of citizens' everyday lives, down to the most routine/mundane tasks that are seemingly far removed from government.

Trovalo will aggregate a range of open-source datasets as well as host its own. All entirely free.

Types of Open Source Data

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Entity Data 💼

  • Open corporate data
  • Open Address Data
  • Politically Exposed Persons

Finance and Companies 💵

  • Crunchbase Data
  • Modelling Online Auction Data
  • Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection.

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Government Data 🧑‍⚖️

  • Hate Crime Data
  • United Nations Government Data
  • Archive Data

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Web and Tech Data 🧑‍💻

  • SMS Spam Detection Data
  • Social Network Analysis Interactive Dataset Library

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