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Location Data Overview

Location data refers to any data processing that is able to indicate a geographical position (usually represented on a map). Typical fields include:

There is an opportunity to see how location intelligence enhances analytics for businesses, governments, and utility companies.

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Types of Location Data

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Geo-Location Data πŸ—Ί

  • Co-ordinate Data
  • Satelite Imagery
  • Geo Spatial Mapping
  • Companies House Locations

IP to Location Data πŸ’»

  • High-Risk Offenders Lists
  • Politically Exposed Persons Data
  • Privacy Detection Method

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Weather Data 🌀

  • Historical Data
  • Radar maps
  • Detailed Marine Reports

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Points of Interest and Footfall πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

  • Sentiment Tracking
  • Reputation Data
  • Building Insurance

Bringing location data into a dataset provides context to your analysis in ways that aren’t always detectable on a spreadsheet, linear graph, or pie chart. Location data can be used as a means for building profiles on individual threats.

This context also leads to better prioritisation, planning, and execution of objectives

Location Data gives you the capability to:

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