We make Data human

to empower everyone

Our mission is to democratise data by levelling the playing field for all businesses.

Our Values



We believe in markets where every participant has complete clarity. On our platform, buyers and suppliers connect whilst also getting the full story of what’s happening behind the scenes


Democratic Knowledge

Data is an empowering tool to which everyone should have access, regardless of the company size or the amount of resources. This is why we make data discovery easy and accessible for everybody


Focus on the Users

Our mission has always been driven by our users. We implement changes according to your feedback and we are always open to new needs and challenges that stem from our participants



At Trovalo we are convinced that you should be the owner of your data strategy. We only provide our buyers and suppliers the tools to achieve their strategic goals on their own terms

The Team

Oliver Hale

 Chief Executive Officer

Giorgia Tomasello

    Chief Product Officer

Curtis Mills

Chief Technical Officer