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What we have

Data focussed on National Security and Financial Services use cases

Location Data

Precise location and points of interest (POI) datasets. The location datasets usually include attributes measured in Longitude, Latitude, and IP Location.


Finance Data

Datasets used in the financial services industry, including transaction data, bankruptcy data, and sanction data to monitor potential money laundering threats.


Business Data

Business-to-business data (B2B) is to help identify pre-qualified leads and individuals who have an interest in a certain sector, and create a segmented list of contacts to grow a business' pipeline.


Identity Data

Data useful for Know your Customer checks and background screening, including companies' house and company funding data, biometric data, sanction data etc.


Open Source

A combination of Trovalo's own and aggregated open-source datasets available to the general public. Our open source data is always free.


Social Media

Commonly available information published by social media users which is a critical component for: analysing national security threats, and crisis response.