Fuelling AI & ML teams with third-party data

Harness Trovalo's third-party marketplace to empower data-driven fintech, streamline data acquisition, and maximise innovation potential.

Our Benefits

Increase your

Simplify Your Data Discovery

Discover, purchase and download AI/ML training data in minutes. Find the datasets you need to power your fintech projects with Trovalo.

Compliant and Trusted Data Sources

Trustworthy, GDPR-compliant and vetted financial datasets. Access the best data sources in finance with Trovalo's trusted third-party data marketplace.

Simplify Your Legal and Compliance

Save time and reduce risks. Get instant access to pre-approved data agreements and streamline your data acquisition process.

Maximise Your Data ROI with Real-Time Insights

Unlock the full potential of your financial data with Trovalo's real-time insights. Leverage the power of AI/ML and gain a competitive edge with accurate, up-to-date data insights.

Your data, your way:
delivery methods to suit your needs

From real-time API delivery to bulk downloads, seamless integration into your workflow with our flexible delivery options.

Integrate data into your tools

Connect your structured data seamlessly to your preferred tools.

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Private Message

Message your provider or buyer

Easily ask questions and streamline the data buying process and get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

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Sharing Contract

Sharing your contract

Effortlessly digitise and share your data contracts.

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Contract Signing

Signing the contract

Make it official: signing the data agreement.

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Pay as you need

Securely and easily purchase your data.

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Key Exchange

Exchange your Key

Our platform ensures safe and secure exchange of data access keys once payment is complete.

Choose your way to level up with Trovalo

interface verified data experts

Our Datasets are collated by verified data experts.

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Listing your data on Trovalo is easy, fast and secure.

The Best Dataset Providers for Your Business Needs

Unlock datasets and endless insights through our data marketplace.

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